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From gallery of MarkEJohnson
From gallery of MarkEJohnson

My next exploration through smaller wargames is about the Vietnam War. This is something that was almost contemporary when I first started wargaming (1979), so that was too close. I stayed away for years, just as I'm not ready to play simulations about our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan now. I need some historical distance in order to process & understand what's going on.

Unlike some other topics I've tackled, there are a LOT of books, games, and movies about this subject. Just knowing I'd eventually want to get into it, I acquired a game here, a game there over the years...and it turned into a large list (see link, above).

A Bright Shining Lie
Tet Offensive (S&T Quarterly
Hue 1968
Nam Moi

The Vietnam War (Burns/Novick doc)
A Face of War
Sir! No Sir!
Last Days in Vietnam
Hearts and Minds
We Were Soldiers
Hamburger Hill
The Green Berets
Apocalypse Now
The Deer Hunter
Full Metal Jacket
Da 5 Bloods

This was Part 1, and there will definitely be another part. I need to get to all(?) of those other battle-scale games, especially the ones about the Battle of Hue. Is there someone I should seek out to join me on the podcast? I'm open to suggestions.


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